20 Seconds of Just Embarrassing Bravery

Embarrassing Bravery

Have you ever been watching a movie with your kids and you see a clip and it just HITS you? We were watching We Bought a Zoo, the “tear jerker” movie about a husband who loses his wife and decides to make a change, so he moves his two children to a home in the middle of nowhere which turns out to be a zoo.

Along with the many trials we all endure during life while raising children, there are good times. Times when our children teach us something a bit more about life than we even know. This clip from the movie couldn’t be more true, and it is something that all parents should tell their children. Go get whatever your heart desires and don’t give up. Matt Damon says it and truly makes you believe it. So, whatever obstacles you’re currently battling, all it takes is twenty seconds. Twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. You can do it.