Black Friday Event

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Give a gift that will “wow” them! To kick off this year’s holiday season we’re hosting a two day event! Stop by Black Friday or Small Business Saturday for special deals and some holiday cheer. Enjoy fresh baked cookies and hot chocolate while receiving 10% off all in-store accessories and chemicals! It keeps getting better…purchase a spa and receive a free cover assist or step! Keep up with us during this event here!

Need Some Gift Ideas?

We’ve got you covered!

  • Pool Tables & Billiard Accessories
  • Big Green Egg Grill & Accessories
  • Green Mountain Grill & Accessories
  • Variety of indoor & outdoor saunas
  • Patio Furniture
  • New & used spas
  • Shuffleboard
  • Yeti Cooler & Accessories
  • Pelican Cooler & Accessories
  • And MORE!


Thanksgiving Dinner Just got Easier

Recipe for Success

The holidays are the most wonderful time of year…right? Coordinating family schedules, prepping for in-laws, cleaning the house all while preparing a dinner that doesn’t totally suck. We’ve got you! Fire up your Big Green Egg and follow these recipes for Thanksgiving success.

Click here for the perfect Turkey!

Click here for a holiday dinner rolls recipe!

The grand finale! Click here for a killer pecan pie recipe!


Wipe Out Your Winterizing Wonders

It’s officially here!

Although closing our pools isn’t exactly what we look forward to every year, the time is here. It’s not easy to put a date on it because as you know, Wisconsin weather is unpredictable and we have some helpful tips for you to make the winterizing process as easy as possible.

  1. Be Timely – Timing is everything! The ideal time to close your pool is when your water temperature stays at a consistent 50 degrees. The longer your pool can be open, the better. Asking your pool water to hold chlorine for six months is a lot to ask, but don’t wait too long! Make sure to winterize your pool before the pool water reaches below freezing temperatures. If it so happens that your filter is still connected to the pool during this time, it’s important to run it continuously to prevent any damage.
  2. Avoid Leaks – If at any time throughout the winter you lose water, it may cause severe damage to the pool structure. Please note, damage due to water loss during the winter is not covered by manufacturers warranty. Please take regular precautions to avoid future issues.
  3. Proper Use– If you have a pool, you know how tempting it can be to want to use it as an ice rink during the winter. This is extremely dangerous and decreases the lifespan of your cover.
  4. Repair Time – Winter is the perfect time for repairs. We want to make sure your pool is ready for swimming come summer, so get those repairs out of the way now!
  5. Open Early – April may seem too early to want to jump in the pool but the earlier you open, the better. Again, asking your pool to hold that chlorine for six months is a lot to ask. Get it opened up and get it ready for summer.

We have a feeling that your winter is short and your pool time is long this year. So let’s do this! Follow these steps to ensure your pool is swim-ready come April! If you have any questions, call us today. Our crew is ready for you!


Keeping Your Pool Pristine

The holiday weekend is here!

We know your weekend will be full of pool days and more pool days, or at least we hope. Although our store isn’t open we want to prepare you for whatever comes your way. Here are some simple tips from our Swimrite Crew to keep you ahead of your pool water this weekend.

1.  Keep it Clean!

We are aware that there may be more traffic than usual in your pool and it’s important to keep it clean to decrease the chances of any sort of bacteria growing. Some ways to do this is to make sure your pool deck is swept of any dirt or other debris prior to swimming. Also use a leaf net to get rid of any floating debris before anyone jumps in as well, doing this daily will be a big help!

2. Test

With swimmers come lotions, sunscreen, bug spray and other types of oils. It’s important to regularly test your chlorine levels to make sure everything is balanced. More people equals more contaminants so be ready to stay on top of it!

3. Treat

After a weekend of fun make sure to treat your water! You will more than likely be in need of a dose of shock on top of your weekly maintenance to keep those water levels balanced.


Lastly, don’t panic! You are a kickass pool owner. After all, you were trained by the best.

We hope your 4th of July is full of nothing but fun! We are excited to see all the fun pool pics!

Don’t Let Mother Nature Rule Your Fun

Pool Heat 101

Wisconsin weather allows for some unexpected temperatures and last week was a prime example of that. With fourth of July festivities on its way, don’t let mother nature rule your fun! No matter what your backyard condition is, we offer a variety of options to ensure that your pool temp is enjoyable for any type of weather because trust us, the kids will still want to swim!

Here’s the lowdown on our available options for you!

  1. Solar Blankets
    • You’ve heard about them but how to they work? Solar blankets’ main purpose is to hold heat in the pool. With the correct use of a solar blanket, you’ll see temperatures increase anywhere between zero and seven degrees. When you receive your solar blanket, you will notice that there are bubbles on only one side. It’s important to know that the bubbles face down towards to pool to most effectively hold the heat in. Lastly, a solar blanket or cover is vital to any pool trying to hold heat. It keeps warmth from escaping throughout the night!
  2. Solar Heaters
    • Solar heaters are another cost effective answer. The solar heater strives during summer months when the sun is shining. Common sense, right? What most people don’t know is that if you don’t shut it off at night, it will cool your pool down much faster than it warms it up. So to keep the heat, you have to stay on top of it. With a little sun and attention, the solar heater will give you a seven to ten degree increase in temperature.
  3. Electric Heaters
    • Now it’s down to the last two. With an electric heaters it all depends on the size of the pool. The reason for this is because as the pool size increases, the efficiency of the electric heater decreases. It’s too much work to keep up with! Electric heaters will do the trick if you have a small gallon sized pool or swim spa, it just depends on the situation.
  4. Gas Heaters
    • Gas heaters are the most common type of heaters that we deal with. They can be spendy but they are worth every bit of it because they allow the pool owner to be in complete control of the temperature of their pool water. Especially in our area, they provide you the most useable pool season. Although they come with more regulations, they are the most effective type of heater. We call them “On-Demand Heaters”! 

We understand that everyone has a different situation when it comes to their pool. That’s why we want you to call us to chat about your pool to ensure the most efficient heater for your situation. Contact us today! We’re excited to hook you up.

6th Annual Ribfest Smoked Out Hunger as Seen on WQOW

Smoking Out Hunger Since 2011…

Despite the rainy weather, the 6th Annual Ribfest Competition was a success as seen on the WQOW 5pm news. The event was jam packed will activities. Grillers arrived early in the morning to start up their grills while friends, family and public enjoyed live music, Big Green Egg grilling demos, lunch, Maui Wowi smoothies and even a bouncy house and outdoor games for the kids to enjoy. We would like to thank all of our sponsors, volunteers and staff who came together to make an awesome donation for Feed My People Food Bank.

Lastly, congratulations “Sully’s Sassy Sauce”, first place winners of the Ribfest Competition!  This was their first time entering into our competition and hopefully isn’t there last! Congratulations to a great group of grillers.


Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

What is your favorite type of pizza?

I’m sure your preferred type comes to mind, but we are here to spice things up a bit! The crew at Swimrite has been testing out several different types of pizza this summer on our Fontana Wood-Fired Pizza Oven. From “plain jane” pizzas like cheese or pepperoni, to more complex pizzas like supreme, Hawaiian, and bbq chicken. The classics taste excellent with the wood fired taste. But how about a completely random kind?

We made pizza dough by hand and got some very interesting toppings…which is a crew favorite right now! We added just a little bit of pizza sauce to top the dough and added wild rice as a base topping. On top of that we added slices of spicy italian sausage, black olives, and cranberries!

My mouth is watering just thinking about it (or because it’s lunch time) either way, NUM! By far one of the best pizzas we have made in the pizza oven. Make this a fun activity for your friends and family. Who can beat this time efficient, flavor intensifying, and energy saving Fontana Wood-Fired Pizza Oven?


20 Seconds of Just Embarrassing Bravery

Embarrassing Bravery

Have you ever been watching a movie with your kids and you see a clip and it just HITS you? We were watching We Bought a Zoo, the “tear jerker” movie about a husband who loses his wife and decides to make a change, so he moves his two children to a home in the middle of nowhere which turns out to be a zoo.

Along with the many trials we all endure during life while raising children, there are good times. Times when our children teach us something a bit more about life than we even know. This clip from the movie couldn’t be more true, and it is something that all parents should tell their children. Go get whatever your heart desires and don’t give up. Matt Damon says it and truly makes you believe it. So, whatever obstacles you’re currently battling, all it takes is twenty seconds. Twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. You can do it.


Water And Technology Do Not Mix Well

Water and Technology Don’t Mix 

Our world is so dependent on technology these days, we are constantly on the go and wanting instant gratification. What even is family time? Let’s face it, it usually consists of everyone sitting around the television or dinner table all while on tablets or smartphones. That’s where Swimrite comes in. We strive to provide products that bring families and friends together without the distraction of mobile devices.

Enjoy a relaxing night in the spa, under the stars, with your entire family and actually have a face to face conversation. Catch up on your children’s lives and find out that you really do enjoy each others company. It’s un-forced and fun for everyone and the reality is, it’s pretty hard to use your phone in the hot tub. Gather everyone around a pool table or shuffleboard for some friendly competition. Change things up by just being in each other’s presence by gathering around a fire place on the back patio or relaxing in a sauna.  

At Swimrite, it’s not about the products we sell. It’s about the experiences and quality time our products provide families in our area. Make it fun, show it off but most importantly take advantage of those little moments of just being together with no distractions. 




Keeping your pool pristine in the summer

Going for a relaxing swim after a long day at the office, escaping the scorching temperatures that Wisconsin is known for in August, and hosting the party that everyone wants to come to in the summer; these are some of the benefits that you are now experiencing with your new pool! We hate to be the fun police, but the fun can only keep going with proper maintenance. A pool isn’t simply a large container that efficiently holds water and has plenty of space for activities. It’s a host to living things, you the water and other things in that water!

Shock therapy!

Have you ever heard the term “shock your pool”? It’s not quite as literal as it sounds. It is the process of adding chlorine to the water in a ratio that will destroy any algae blooms, combined chlorine (which is chlorine that has combined with contaminants in the water and its sanitizing characteristics have become less effective), and finally the residue from people being in the water. With increasing temperatures comes a more favorable environment for bacteria to grow and thus the frequency of shocking your pool will have to increase as well. We’ve got a great selection of the chemicals you’ll need to keep your pool in check!

Back to the basics

Shocking your pool isn’t the only maintenance required to keep it from turning an unfavorable shade of greepoolthingn. Cleaning the filter every other week and raking the water’s surface free of debris can drastically keep the bacteria and overall appearance in check. After all, you wouldn’t want to show up to a pool party and have it feel like you’re swimming in a dirty lake. Vacuuming your pool is just what it sounds like; a hose attached to a cleaning head that draws in the water and organics from the bottom of the pool to keep algae from forming. One thing to note, if you are in the process of vacuuming your pool and the hose beings to float, that is typically an indicator of the filter being full or a hole in the line that is allowing air to enter. If manually vacuuming your pool takes too much time, try going to an automated version that you can simply setup and let it run its course while you check off other items on your list. We can help you with this decision!
Keeping your pool clean does not require as much work or time as you might think. As with anything, the better you maintain it, the longer it will last! So keep those good times flowing by preventing that algae from growing!