It’s Not What You Can Do for Your Pool, it’s What Your Pool Can Do for You!

Each year millions of people kick around the idea of adding a pool to their home. Sure, it’s a big decision and certainly one that you shouldn’t dive in to without doing your research or stopping in and talking to us. After mulling it over, many people give up on the idea only to have it come right back when the snow melts and the temperatures get a bit too warm. By the time they decide they want to go through with it the ground has already frozen, forcing them to go through the entire process again next year.

There are many benefits that come along with the addition of a pool to your home. Let’s go over a few! (more…)

Backyard Summer Fun

It’s the time of year all parents fear and children dream about! Summer; the days of hearing “I’m bored” constantly despite having plenty of things they COULD be doing in the backyard! We don’t know why kids get bored despite the toys and games they have or the pool they could swim in. It’s just what summer is all about for them. So, here are 10 great ideas we found to get the kids to stop bothering you and making dents on the couch inside. (more…)