Chlorine Genie


Introducing….The Chlorine Genie! The Ultimate Pool Purification Solution.

  • It makes pure chlorine from ordinary salt and automatically dispenses it into your pool daily!
  • It operates independently from your filtering equipment!
  • You do NOT have to add salt to your pool water!
  • It saves you up to $600 a year in pool related costs!
  • It gives you the most crystal clear, sparkling fresh pool water ever from ordinary rock salt!
  • It allows you to say goodbye to purification hassles and enjoy your pool more!
  • And much, much more!

The Chlorine Genie is “The Ultimate Pool Purification Solution”.

The Chlorine Genie uses the most advanced science and technology in chlorine generation available today. It’s the culmination of over 40 years of research and development in pool purification.

The Chlorine Genie is NOT an inline salt water system. While the Chlorine Genie does use salt to produce sanitizing chemicals, you do not add salt to your pool water, instead the salt is added into the Chlorine Genie unit itself. It is a freestanding unit that is NOT connected to your pool’s filtering system. With the Chlorine Genie, you do NOT pour salt into your pool water, instead you add the salt directly into the unit where all the chlorine generation processes take place. ALL processes occur inside the unit and then the chemicals are automatically dispensed into your pool water. This is the one of the most important distinctions between the Chlorine Genie and ALL inline salt water chlorination systems.

The Chlorine Genie automatically makes and dispenses the sanitizing chemicals your pool needs to remain sparkling clear, safe and comfortable for swimming every single day of the season!



Another advantage of the Chlorine Genie is the production of both a mild acid and a mild base solution keeping both separated throughout the manufacturing process. By adjusting the base solution, the pH of most pool water can be controlled without the use of balancers. This means, maintaining the ideal pH level is quick and easy with the Chlorine Genie!

The Chlorine Genie is backed by a comprehensive 5 Year Warranty!

The Chlorine Genie is proudly made in the USA. We believe in supporting American made products and we strive to make our products the highest quality in the industry.

With the Chlorine Genie you can say goodbye to red eyes, skin irritation, green hair, faded swimsuits and towels, and you can do away with buying and storing hazardous sanitizing chemicals forever.

You’ll have stunningly inviting pool water that’s so clear that you can throw a quarter in the deep end and read whether it’s heads or tails! You’ll enjoy a hassle free pool that’s crystal clear and safe for swimming every single day of the season!