Don’t Let Mother Nature Rule Your Fun

Pool Heat 101

Wisconsin weather allows for some unexpected temperatures and last week was a prime example of that. With fourth of July festivities on its way, don’t let mother nature rule your fun! No matter what your backyard condition is, we offer a variety of options to ensure that your pool temp is enjoyable for any type of weather because trust us, the kids will still want to swim!

Here’s the lowdown on our available options for you!

  1. Solar Blankets
    • You’ve heard about them but how to they work? Solar blankets’ main purpose is to hold heat in the pool. With the correct use of a solar blanket, you’ll see temperatures increase anywhere between zero and seven degrees. When you receive your solar blanket, you will notice that there are bubbles on only one side. It’s important to know that the bubbles face down towards to pool to most effectively hold the heat in. Lastly, a solar blanket or cover is vital to any pool trying to hold heat. It keeps warmth from escaping throughout the night!
  2. Solar Heaters
    • Solar heaters are another cost effective answer. The solar heater strives during summer months when the sun is shining. Common sense, right? What most people don’t know is that if you don’t shut it off at night, it will cool your pool down much faster than it warms it up. So to keep the heat, you have to stay on top of it. With a little sun and attention, the solar heater will give you a seven to ten degree increase in temperature.
  3. Electric Heaters
    • Now it’s down to the last two. With an electric heaters it all depends on the size of the pool. The reason for this is because as the pool size increases, the efficiency of the electric heater decreases. It’s too much work to keep up with! Electric heaters will do the trick if you have a small gallon sized pool or swim spa, it just depends on the situation.
  4. Gas Heaters
    • Gas heaters are the most common type of heaters that we deal with. They can be spendy but they are worth every bit of it because they allow the pool owner to be in complete control of the temperature of their pool water. Especially in our area, they provide you the most useable pool season. Although they come with more regulations, they are the most effective type of heater. We call them “On-Demand Heaters”! 

We understand that everyone has a different situation when it comes to their pool. That’s why we want you to call us to chat about your pool to ensure the most efficient heater for your situation. Contact us today! We’re excited to hook you up.