Emergency Service

Troubleshooting your spa when the experts aren’t available


Rule #1 : Always keep the spa full with the cover on.

If your spa isn’t heating…

  1. Check your water level. If the water level is too low it may cause surging which could prevent the tub from heating.
  2. Check your filters.  If filters are dirty, water will not flow to the heating element. Remove filters for at least one hour. If temperature rises at all you will know that your filters need to be replaced.  You may run the tub without filters (and bathers) temporarily.
  3. Reset circuit breaker.


If you’re spa has no power…

  1. The goal is to keep the water and equipment from freezing.
  2. Remove the equipment bay door.  Prop it up against the tub to make a tent.
  3. Hang a trouble light with a 100 watt bulb inside the equipment bay without touching equipment.  Use caution that your light is not near combustible materials.
  4. Carefully cover the whole tub and equipment bay with quilts to maintain the heat provided by the light.


Call Swimrite to request an appointment with a professional service technician.