Keeping Your Pool Pristine

The holiday weekend is here!

We know your weekend will be full of pool days and more pool days, or at least we hope. Although our store isn’t open we want to prepare you for whatever comes your way. Here are some simple tips from our Swimrite Crew to keep you ahead of your pool water this weekend.

1.  Keep it Clean!

We are aware that there may be more traffic than usual in your pool and it’s important to keep it clean to decrease the chances of any sort of bacteria growing. Some ways to do this is to make sure your pool deck is swept of any dirt or other debris prior to swimming. Also use a leaf net to get rid of any floating debris before anyone jumps in as well, doing this daily will be a big help!

2. Test

With swimmers come lotions, sunscreen, bug spray and other types of oils. It’s important to regularly test your chlorine levels to make sure everything is balanced. More people equals more contaminants so be ready to stay on top of it!

3. Treat

After a weekend of fun make sure to treat your water! You will more than likely be in need of a dose of shock on top of your weekly maintenance to keep those water levels balanced.


Lastly, don’t panic! You are a kickass pool owner. After all, you were trained by the best.

We hope your 4th of July is full of nothing but fun! We are excited to see all the fun pool pics!