Pools & Spas

While your neighbors are driving to the beach or pool; where are you? In your own backyard! While your brother is waiting in line to drop his boat in the overcrowded lake; where are you? Why, right in your own backyard, of course! When your friends are spending a fortune for gas, driving all the way to the Water Park, and (over) paying for a hotel room; where are you? You guessed it… in your own backyard!!!

Why is it that everyone you know spends the summer running here and there, spending too much money, and raising his or her blood pressure while you relax? Because you did the smart thing! You visited the Chippewa Valley’s pool experts: Swimrite Pools & Spas.

Swimrite not only has the experts to help you in choosing the right fit for your lifestyle, they also carry top of the line products. Splash Super Pools and River Pools by Sentry Pool are their highest recommendation and therefore the only product lines they carry. For information on their recommended Spa lines visit the spa page or feel free to visit the experts themselves.