Wipe Out Your Winterizing Wonders

It’s officially here!

Although closing our pools isn’t exactly what we look forward to every year, the time is here. It’s not easy to put a date on it because as you know, Wisconsin weather is unpredictable and we have some helpful tips for you to make the winterizing process as easy as possible.

  1. Be Timely – Timing is everything! The ideal time to close your pool is when your water temperature stays at a consistent 50 degrees. The longer your pool can be open, the better. Asking your pool water to hold chlorine for six months is a lot to ask, but don’t wait too long! Make sure to winterize your pool before the pool water reaches below freezing temperatures. If it so happens that your filter is still connected to the pool during this time, it’s important to run it continuously to prevent any damage.
  2. Avoid Leaks – If at any time throughout the winter you lose water, it may cause severe damage to the pool structure. Please note, damage due to water loss during the winter is not covered by manufacturers warranty. Please take regular precautions to avoid future issues.
  3. Proper Use– If you have a pool, you know how tempting it can be to want to use it as an ice rink during the winter. This is extremely dangerous and decreases the lifespan of your cover.
  4. Repair Time – Winter is the perfect time for repairs. We want to make sure your pool is ready for swimming come summer, so get those repairs out of the way now!
  5. Open Early – April may seem too early to want to jump in the pool but the earlier you open, the better. Again, asking your pool to hold that chlorine for six months is a lot to ask. Get it opened up and get it ready for summer.

We have a feeling that your winter is short and your pool time is long this year. So let’s do this! Follow these steps to ensure your pool is swim-ready come April! If you have any questions, call us today. Our crew is ready for you!