8th Annual Chippewa Valley Ribfest raises 15K for Feed My People

The numbers are in! We’re so proud to announce that the 8th Annual Chippewa Valley Ribfest Competition raised $15,837 for Feed My People Food Bank. The annual event was held last Saturday, May 11th at Swimrite Pools & Spas. 

We have plenty of people to thank for this amazing event! We could never do something this cool on our own. ;) Special thanks to our volunteers who helped run the all-day event, our sponsors who donated, the grilling contestants who compete with happy spirits, the judges who are probably still full from all of the ribs and everyone who gathered together to make a difference in the Chippewa Valley.

There’s truth in the saying, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!” We cannot thank everyone enough for making this such a success! We’re always blown away by the outcome of this annual event. 




Celebrating 30 Years in Business

It is our 30thyear in business.  Thirty years of all the things people say… literally blood, sweat and tears. There is simply no way around the fact that building a business is hard work (it’s actually harder).

Thirty years ago, Bob and I were on fire to establish a business in the pool and spa industry that was based on integrity and quality.  Some may have called us young and dumb, but we were young and the other “d” word… determined. Our best days (then and now) were when a customer would share their excitement about a purchase from us. We used the success of offering the best products and joy of our customers as our fuel. We are in the business of fun and families. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?!

Throughout the last thirty years, we’ve built a business and raised a family. Our success over the years has stemmed from the way our business and our family meshed so well together. We raised three amazing kids who have witnessed the blood, sweat and tears. Dinner time almost always consisted of work-talk, but together we embraced the challenges, learned along the way and celebrated every business win. They were a part of our team and each learned through experience, whether they liked it or not! They were emptying garbage cans, running to job sites, dropping products at customer’s houses after hours and listening to their Dad troubleshoot a spa on the phone after he had just finally arrived home from the store. 

Sometimes I tease that Swimrite raised our kids. Swimrite’s customer service skills taught our kids that you treat everyone equally and always go the extra mile for people who support you. Swimrite’s job sites taught our kids passion, determination and excitement as their dad literally lived there until our customer’s backyard was complete. Swimrite’s staff taught our kids day-to-day activities since they were knee high and became family along the way. Swimrite’s store became a second home as they spent sick days with a pillow and blanket on the office floor and Sundays hanging out as we prepared for the week ahead. No doubt, they knew what hard work looked like.

We were allowed freedoms and privileges, but ultimately it was known that we had nobody to fall back on. The best gift we have given them through this business is the truth bomb that so many people miss. If you want it, go get it. And when you do get it, you need to keep doing what was required to get there. Every day.

It is our 30th year in business! Thirty years! To our fellow business owners, surround yourself with positive people, caring family, gifted coworkers and generous alliances. Equally appreciate the person who delivers your mail and the person who signs the big contract. As a family, we’ve been blessed to build a business in the Chippewa Valley surrounded by amazing people who we get to work with every day. Thank you to everyone who has ever supported us, it’s never gone unnoticed, but most importantly, cheers to another 30 years!


– Jamie 

Swimrite Co-Owner

Pool School 2019


You’re Invited!

Think Spring with Grilling how-to, food, pool maintenance info, fun, and discounted chemicals!

The Swimrite Crew is so excited for this year’s Pool School because it means spring. is. coming. There’s been wayyyy too much snow this month and we’re especially looking forward to this event. Come celebrate spring with us! 

Learn everything you need to know about your pool maintenance and your Big Green Egg Grill at this event. Come early for a Big Green Egg grilling demo with Stu at 5:30 p.m. followed by our pool school class presented by Chip at 7 p.m. Bring Questions!

Don’t forget about the BIGGEST pool and spa chemical sale of the year. Stock up for summer! *Our Chemical sale is happening all day April 10th!

RSVP for this event by calling the store OR click “going” on our Facebook event (this way we have enough yummy food for everyone)! 

Pat & Nicole Reeve Get Their New Hot Tub!

The Best Mother’s Day Yet 

Pat and Nicole Reeve got a new Marquis Spa last spring and we were honored to be a part of it! Pat and Nicole have their own TV show on the Outdoor Channel called Driven With Pat and Nicole where they capture some of the most pristine shots in the deer hunting world. As the midwesterners we are, to say we were stoked to work with them is an understatement! 

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at their experience in the video below! Ty helped them through the process of choosing the perfect spa for them and their family and our delivery crew including Brad and Kevin got them all set up! Today and everyday Pat, Nicole, and their kiddos enjoy their Marquis Spa. Check out their page for updates!  

2018 – Mother's Day Surprise!

Pat teamed up with Marquis Spas and surprised me with a new hot tub for Mother's Day! I cannot believe how he was able to put this all together compliments of Cashton! We are so excited to spend some quality family time in this beautiful tub! Feel free to checkout: http://www.marquisspas.com/ and see all their awesome products!

Posted by Driven with Pat & Nicole on Sunday, May 13, 2018

2018 – Mother's Day Continued!

Well, the Marquis Spas hot tub arrived! After a week of anticipation, we were finally able to install the fantastic Mother's Day surprise! 😎😊Be sure to take a look at all the wonderful tub options at: http://www.marquisspas.com/

Posted by Driven with Pat & Nicole on Sunday, May 20, 2018

Spa School

Join us on Tuesday, October 2nd from 5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. for Spa School! Each year the Swimrite crew puts on a Spa School. If you haven’t been to one yet, now is your chance! At 5:30 p.m. the Big Green Egg grill master, Stu, will be hosting a grilling demo. This will give you a chance to learn how to make specific dishes, ask any questions you may have and taste test the food! Following the Grilling Demo at 7:00 p.m. Spa Water Class will begin hosted by Chip, our Bioguard representative. Chip will walk you through how to properly maintain your spa water through all seasons and answer any questions that you may have. 

**On THIS DAY ONLY all spa chemicals will be discounted!**

Find the event on Facebook and RSVP today! Or better yet, give the store a call to let us know we’re coming! 

Grilling For a Good Cause As Seen On WQOW

As Seen on WQOW

7th annual ‘Ribfest’ continues to grill for a good cause in Eau Claire


On Saturday, people in Eau Claire had the chance to fill up on brats, bacon wrapped chicken and, of course, delicious barbeque ribs.

The 7th annual Chippewa Valley Ribfest, hosted by Swimrite, was full of grilling enthusiasts and local meat-eaters. What started out as a simple rib competition, has evolved into an event that’s fun for the whole family, with live music, taste-testing and fundraising for Feed My People Food Bank

“Our main goal for the event is to break the $10,000 barrier, which we got awfully close last year. Just shy by about $500,” said Ty Schoettl, salesman for Swim Rite.

More than 300 pounds of chicken and 200 racks of ribs were grilled up for this year’s fest. Thirty grill masters participated in the grilling competition. And like in the past, News 18 was a proud sponsor of the event. 

Leader Telegram Features 7th Annual Chippewa Valley Ribfest Competition!

As Seen in the Leader Telegram

Annual Ribfest Draws Cooks, Hungry Fans 

Joseph Combs said he’s been perfecting his secret barbecue sauce recipe for a couple years. 

However, he won’t share it with anyone. When asked where it is written down, he laughs and points at his head.

“It’s all up here,” Combs said. “They don’t want to know it anyway, so they don’t have to cook.”

Combs, of Neillsville, was among 26 cooks who participated in the 7th annual Chippewa Valley Rib Fest, held at Swimrite Pools and Spas in Eau Claire. Combs spent an hour Friday night making his rib sauce.

“It’s spicy, sweet, and a bit of tang to it,” he said.

This was Combs’ first time participating in the cooking event.

“I’m impressed. I have a feeling it’s only going to get bigger,” Combs said.

Combs said he put his ribs on at 9:30 a.m., and slow-cooked them for 3½ hours.

Ty Schoettl, sales manager at Swimrite Pools, said the annual cook-off started as a grilling competition and it grew. They’ve had as many as 30 cooks in past years. The cooks this year came from across the state, plus from Minnesota and Illinois.

“We usually see 1,500 to 2,000 (visitors),” Schoettl said.

The cooks all began making their ribs early in the morning, followed by judging, then they were auctioned off in the afternoon.

Last year, Rib Fest raised just under $10,000. Schoettl said the goal is to top $10,000 this year, with the proceeds going to Feed My People Food Bank.

Paul Bjorklund of Eau Claire said this is his fifth time competing in the cook-off, and he enjoys the camaraderie.

“It’s also seeing the different (cooking) techniques,” Bjorklund said. “It’s about coming up with the right rub and perfecting your sauce. It’s also trying to do better than you did last year.”

One year, Bjorklund tried something different, bringing a jalapeno-flavored barbeque sauce, but he admits it didn’t go over well with a few judges. He went back to a sweet, tangy homemade sauce with plenty of brown sugar and “a mild amount of heat.”

Dave Platteter of Arcadia was also participating as a cook for the first time.

“We’ll be back. It’s a fun time,” Platteter said. “It’s a good cause, and I enjoy cooking. Maybe I’ll pick up a tip or two.”

Platteter said the secret to his ribs is he slow-cooks them at 250 degrees, adding that it takes 4 ½ hours for them to be ready.

“Low and slow,” he said of the temperature. “It breaks down the ribs to be tender, and doesn’t dry them out.”

Feed My People Food Bank executive director Emily Moore was thrilled with the turnout Saturday.

“It’s impressive. It shows how much work Swimrite and the other sponsors do to make this happen,” Moore said. “We’ll use the money to purchase meat — which seems appropriate with this being Rib Fest.”

Michael Lawler of Menomonie was among the patrons who showed up to grab a big plate of ribs, listen to the live music, and relax while eating. It was his first time attending the festival.

“I love it. Don’t change it,” Lawler said. “They did a nice job.”

Contact: chris.vetter@ecpc.com

Black Friday Event

Join Us!

Give a gift that will “wow” them! To kick off this year’s holiday season we’re hosting a two day event! Stop by Black Friday or Small Business Saturday for special deals and some holiday cheer. Enjoy fresh baked cookies and hot chocolate while receiving 10% off all in-store accessories and chemicals! It keeps getting better…purchase a spa and receive a free cover assist or step! Keep up with us during this event here!

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Thanksgiving Dinner Just got Easier

Recipe for Success

The holidays are the most wonderful time of year…right? Coordinating family schedules, prepping for in-laws, cleaning the house all while preparing a dinner that doesn’t totally suck. We’ve got you! Fire up your Big Green Egg and follow these recipes for Thanksgiving success.

Click here for the perfect Turkey!

Click here for a holiday dinner rolls recipe!

The grand finale! Click here for a killer pecan pie recipe!


Wipe Out Your Winterizing Wonders

It’s officially here!

Although closing our pools isn’t exactly what we look forward to every year, the time is here. It’s not easy to put a date on it because as you know, Wisconsin weather is unpredictable and we have some helpful tips for you to make the winterizing process as easy as possible.

  1. Be Timely – Timing is everything! The ideal time to close your pool is when your water temperature stays at a consistent 50 degrees. The longer your pool can be open, the better. Asking your pool water to hold chlorine for six months is a lot to ask, but don’t wait too long! Make sure to winterize your pool before the pool water reaches below freezing temperatures. If it so happens that your filter is still connected to the pool during this time, it’s important to run it continuously to prevent any damage.
  2. Avoid Leaks – If at any time throughout the winter you lose water, it may cause severe damage to the pool structure. Please note, damage due to water loss during the winter is not covered by manufacturers warranty. Please take regular precautions to avoid future issues.
  3. Proper Use– If you have a pool, you know how tempting it can be to want to use it as an ice rink during the winter. This is extremely dangerous and decreases the lifespan of your cover.
  4. Repair Time – Winter is the perfect time for repairs. We want to make sure your pool is ready for swimming come summer, so get those repairs out of the way now!
  5. Open Early – April may seem too early to want to jump in the pool but the earlier you open, the better. Again, asking your pool to hold that chlorine for six months is a lot to ask. Get it opened up and get it ready for summer.

We have a feeling that your winter is short and your pool time is long this year. So let’s do this! Follow these steps to ensure your pool is swim-ready come April! If you have any questions, call us today. Our crew is ready for you!